White Lotus Centre (WLC) provides world-class SMART management, advisory and consulting services on Private Sector Development, Change Management, Knowledge Building and Transparency to government, development programmes and the private sector.

IFC Appoints White Lotus as Fund Manager for ‘Business Oxygen’ to Support SME Ventures

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has appointed White Lotus Centre Pvt. Ltd. as fund manager for Business Oxygen, its SME ventures fund in Nepal. White Lotus will make equity investments in Nepal’s high-growth SMEs, helping them achieve their potential and create more jobs. Business Oxygen Private Limited is Nepal’s first private-equity fund.

Creating platform for the promotion of Solar PV for urban and industrial usage

WLC, with support from Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and National Planning Commission (NPC) organised an interactive discussion based on an in depth study by WLC on Industrial Scale Solar PV Electricity Generation as Alternative Source to Mitigate Energy Crisis.

Analysing the barriers for value-chain development of commodities

ADB commissioned WLC to analyse the barriers for value chain development of commodities. The assignment carried out in depth assessment of using value chain approach, to develop model for each value chain activities and processes; and to provide data and insights for generating an intervention and addressing any trade barriers.

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