Creating platform for the promotion of Solar PV for urban and industrial usage


WLC carried out an in-depth assessment of existing value chain approach in order to develop a model for value chain activities & processes, and to provide data & insights for generating an intervention and addressing any trade barriers for the development of commodities.


Following a series of activities and events, WLC identified seven major trade barriers, which are – 1) selection of entrepreneurs, 2) volume during trade, 3) inadequate value addition possibilities, 4) marketing pitfalls, 5) registration of land for cultivation 6) selection of multiple value chains, and 7) the latent issue of disease and pest.


WLC proposed practical solutions to each of these problems following a thorough assessment of risks associated with recommendations and measures to mitigate them.


The study was analysed through the lens of regional value-chain in the context of the national border. It concluded that the focus should be in the quality led market chain and working together in pertinent market parameters was crucial.


It was found that efforts by most actors involved were being made in isolation and there was a lack of coordination and absence of platforms for exchange, sharing and scaling up. Joint visioning from respective stakeholders is necessary for the development of this quality led channel. Similarly, regular dialogue among various stakeholders to iron out problems and find solutions for scaling up the business is crucial.


For instance, WLC, for the first time in Nepal, created a platform for all stakeholders involved in the pig market to come together and discuss issues and way forward. This resulted into an annual pig-day that takes place each year during national gathering of stakeholders involved in agro-vet business in Nepal.

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