Creating economic opportunity through SME financing


WLC through its subsidiary WLC Ventures is managing Nepal’s first Impact Investment Fund, Business Oxygen and is contributing to an overall development of the private sector in Nepal. Our financial services for the expansion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are coupled with technical assistance through a fund of US$ 600,000 that has been pledged.


The fund will have a long-lasting effect on the overall development of SMEs as it encourages competitiveness, institutional change management, promote financial transparency, and enhance knowledge of product, market, new technology and the global trends, in addition to having a considerable impact on the economy.


The fund in the next four years through approximately 35 investments, will create hundreds of jobs that are gender balanced, double the size of companies it will invest in who in turn will contribute to country’s revenue by paying significant taxes, and will have noticeable social impact. For example, one of the companies that WLC approved investments for is already employing women who were saved from being trafficked.


The fund is promoted by IFC.

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